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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Following the call for interest launched on March 26th in Taipei, two Taiwanese startups have been selected by the examination board : AIPLUX and UNIIGYM. They will be welcomed to Grenoble Alpes at the end of the year, alongside the High Level Forum. The bootcamp they will attend aims at giving entrepreneurs all the necessary information they need to choose the right site for their international landing.

About the 2 Taiwanese laureates :

Aiplux is a digital company dealing with intellectual properties with a technology based on AI.

Uniigym aims at being the leading provider of affordable interactive fitness solutions.

In June, the call for interest has been launched in British Columbia for Canadian startups interested in Grenoble Alpes ecosystem. 2 Canadian startups will therefore be able to join the Taiwanase laureates and attend Grenoble Alpes bootcamp from November 29th to December 4th.

More information:

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