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Grenoble Alps FAISE2 Awarded French Tech Community Fund 2020 Grant!

Grenoble, France, November 30, 2020:

FAISE (French Alps International Softlanding Exchange), launched in 2019 by French Tech in the Alps, Invest in Grenoble Alpes and Tarmac, will be extending its reach in 2020! The program’s goal is to help startups develop internationally by arming entrepreneurs with all of the information needed for a safe and soft landing. Any startup’s international development decidedly benefits from assistance all along this process, from initial exploration to decision-making to the actual set-up, exactly the purpose of FAISE.

All of the partners involved in FAISE (1) are wholeheartedly on board to repeat the program to allow ongoing assistance to startups of partner ecosystems. In order to ensure the follow-through of FAISE in 2021, Invest in Grenoble Alpes and its partners French Tech in the Alps and the Tarmac incubator led the effort to propose FAISE 2’s candidature for the French Tech Community Fund 2020.

We are very pleased to announce that FAISE2 was selected as a French Tech Community Fund grant recipient.

Objectives of FAISE 2 and use of the grant funding

The first edition of the FAISE project brought together three geographic zones: Grenoble Alpes/France (hub), Taipei/Taiwan, Vancouver-BC/Canada, and, along the way, other ecosystems expressed an interest in participation.

The second edition of FAISE will expand this support program to new ecosystems: Munich/Germany; Lausanne and Zurich/Switzerland; Seoul/South Korea; Phoenix/Arizona (USA) and Raleigh/Research Triangle/North Carolina (USA). As was the case for FAISE 1, the goal is to present « secondary » ecosystems (less well-known than the « usual suspects » such as the Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Boston, Paris and Shanghai…).

Launched during the COVID19 pandemic, the first edition of FAISE was severely tested during the many imposed restrictions, causing delays and an immediate pivot from in-person gatherings to virtual platforms, though FAISE proved to be quite resilient.

With FAISE2, our virtual programs will online, both live and recorded, in order to best support and guide the startups in their international development projects. La French Tech’s Community Fund will allow us to accelerate the implementation of adapted support processes.

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